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Private Events

Dikalo is more than just a destination—it's a celebration of life itself. We redefine events by honoring the art of privacy, indulging in farm-to-table gastronomy, and offering unparalleled service for those seeking an experience that touches the soul.
Brief our team to bring your event to life in a magical way. 
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Our attention to detail and full eventing service is designed to allow you to focus on hosting your guests while we ensure the details are taken care of. From AV, Sound and Lighting to stylish décor, the possibilities are endless. 



Bring your team to a quiet and private location where you can focus on achieving your strategic goals, while we ensure your eventing service runs smoothly. From food and beverage to AV and presentation support, our service is beyond professional. 

Bring your event to life in elegant, flexible surroundings that encourage you to unleash your creative flair. From our spacious banqueting rooms to our generous balcony overlooking a beautiful garden, the possibilities are endless. 
Creating Lasting Memories

Imagine a sunlit terrace adorned with flowers, where laughter fills the air and memories are made. This is where birthdays become cherished moments, surrounded by loved ones and warmth

Savor the Experience

Indulge in our high teas, where exquisite flavors and elegant presentations take center stage. Let us treat you to a journey of culinary delights in our stunning venues.

Private celebrations

A tranquil garden at dusk is the perfect backdrop for a christening ceremony steeped in tradition and love. Here, new beginnings are embraced with reverence and joy.

Creating Connections

From corporate retreats to team-building events, Dikalo provides the perfect setting to forge strong bonds, surrounded by nature's beauty and luxury.

Insightful Service

We understand the importance of every occasion, whether it's welcoming a new life or celebrating a union. Our dedicated team ensures that your baby showers and weddings are tailored to your style and vision, making them truly magical.

"I hosted a 40th birthday for my husband this past Sunday. And to
say it was amazing is an understatement! The staff at Dikalo
Highston truly know what it means to create an experience.
Everything Jessica and I spoke about was there. The spit braai
was amazing! The men and women who helped were also on the
ball. It felt magical. And honestly a group of people who were
there to please. can't recommend this place enough. it was
special to host a private event here and we are still receiving rave
reviews from our guests. Thank you Jessica. Mr. Oros. Noma.
Thando. Dean and the rest of the team you guys were
phenomenal! Will be back for another birthday celebration soon."

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Our Promise of Excellence

Our commitment runs deeper than hosting successful events – it is a commitment to the entire experience we offer. Our dedication to excellence runs through every aspect of your time with us, ensuring that your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

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