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Dikalo Highston is located in Bryanston, within 5-10 minutes of the Nicolway shopping hub, Main businesses The Campus & Turnberry Office Park and Bryanston Country Club & golf course.


 9 Highland Avenue Bryanston, Johannesburg ,Gauteng

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  • What time should guest leave venue?
    All invitees to leave venue at 10pm as agreed. Extra charge of R1500 applies from 10-11 pm and R2500 from 11-12pm.
  • Are guest allowed to take anything out of the premises?
    Under no circumstances shall property belonging to Dikalo Highston (e.g crockery, cutlery, linen furniture etc) leave our premises
  • Do you provide cooking facilities for events in the venue?
    No cooking allowed on site. Only food setup and warming facility available.
  • What is the capacity of your parking?
    Our Parking can only contain - 20 cars inside & 5 cars outside
  • How do you manage event access?
    A full invitee list required three days before event for security access. No one will be allowed access if not on list.
  • Are invitees allowed everywhere within the property?
    All invitees must operate only within agreed confine of designated area.
  • What happens if a client stains your belonging?
    Dry cleaning fee will be charged for any on any of our belongings.
  • What happens if guest are unruly during an event?
    Dikalo Highston reserves the right to stop the event if client is not adhering to agreed terms and conditions.
  • How many guest can sleep in a room?
    Maximum of 2 people are allowed to sleep in a room.
  • Are guest allowed to go over agreed cut-off time?
    Strict adherence to cut off times. Music must stop 15mins to agreed cut-off time.
  • What is your check-out time?
    Our guest check out time is 10am and check-in starts only from 1pm.
  • Are guest allowed to chill in the garden after check-out?
    Guests, who wants to spend more than an hour in the garden after checkout time, will pay R100 before allowed to do so for a three hours period only.
  • What document is required to secure booking of venue?
    A copy of customer ID document is required to secure venue booking.
  • What happens if a client damages anything in Dikalo Highston?
    A replacement amount will be charged to the value of the damaged or broken item.
  • What is your breakfast time?
    Breakfast is from 7 – 10am.
  • Are guests allowed to play music outside in the garden?
    No Loud music is allowed in the garden area.
  • What happens to my deposit if I cancel two weeks before the event?
    You’ll loss your deposit if event is cancelled two weeks before the event.
  • Can balance be paid on the day of the event?
    By agreement the service will not be provided unless full amount is paid.
  • How much do you charge from Midnight?
    No event shall continue after midnight. No amount of money will be accepted. This is non-negotiable.
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